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It’s time
to change the way

we do business.

We believe that solving the world’s toughest problems is not only a moral imperative: it’s also an unprecedented business opportunity.​

It’s what is called Creating Shared Value.

Building a sustainable and

equitable future.

We rally partners in business and society who combine their expertise to profitably solve pressing issues and create shared value.

Our purpose: build a more sustainable and inclusive future for all in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China.

SVIHK is part of a global network launched in the United States in 2012 and now present on each continent.

Building regenerative, inclusive and equitable business models requires a collaborative ecosystem between all stakeholders.

We bridge business, government and non-profit to experience the power of collective impact.

The sustainable companies of tomorrow are those bringing scalable and profitable solutions to the most pressing challenges of today.

Take our free Purpose assessment. In 5 minutes, check out what you are doing right and what the gaps are. We will support each step of your journey, from inspiring your people to finding partners, and help you measure your progress.

We’ve worked with organisations committed to achieving both economic growth and societal impact.

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What is shared value?

What is shared value?

Understand the concept of shared value coined at Harvard Business School and how companies align profit and purpose in a 4-minute-long video.

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