10:00 am  Opening

Virginia Wilson

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong (SVIHK)

Virginia has a demonstrated track record of securing strategic partnerships between corporations, governments, and non-profits to deliver on social impact projects. She started her career in telecommunications, building satellites, and the distribution of free-to-air television across 60 countries in Asia.

Seeing the uptake firsthand, Virginia focused on education, believing that investing in people is the key driver for impactful change. Bringing together diversity and crossing cultural divides is a pathway to create Shared Value in our world, aligning purpose with profit.

After serving on the board of several educational institutions, Virginia is now a member of the Board of Directors of the Adecco Group Foundation in Switzerland a social innovation lab, incubating and accelerating new solutions in the world of work.

10:15 am  Disruptor Dialogue


Andrew Lau


Andrew leads the national team with 500 active members in AIESEC in Hong Kong. He takes responsibility to lead the team to create international exchange experiences for youth, to develop future young leaders within the organization, and to implement the development strategy of AIESEC in Hong Kong. He holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Hong Kong.  


Veronica Chou

Founder & CEO
Everybody & Everyone

Novel Fashion Investments 

Growing up witnessing polluting apparel production, intrigued by the potential of material science, and affected by the body ideals implanted by the fashion industry, Veronica Chou founded eco-innovative, size inclusive womenswear brand Everybody & Everyone.

Veronica has also led investments in the Karl Lagerfeld brand – growing it to a global fashion and accessories business with many profitable product expansions. She invests into a wide range of businesses, focusing on fashion tech, sustainability and climate tech. Veronica was the President of Iconix China from 2008-2015, successfully launching 12 mass market American brands into China and opening over 1000 stores. She is a special advisor to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

11:15 am  Impact Auction

Olivia Cotes James


Olivia Cotes-James

Founder & CEO
LUÜNA naturals

Olivia is the founder and CEO of LUÜNA. Launched in 2019, LUÜNA is a disruptive healthcare start-up that empowers women in Asia to take control of their menstrual and hormonal health by creating access to better products and education. 

LUÜNA’s organic and plastic-free period products are now sold in major retailers such as Watsons and City Super. Earlier this year, the brand won the United Nations Empowerment of Women Award for their work to establish menstrual equity in Asia. Today, thousands have access to free organic LUÜNA period products at work or school, alongside educational programs that tackle menstrual stigma for staff and students of all genders.

Olivia has achieved recognition in Forbes 30 Under 30 class of 2021 and Shanghai Young Business Leader of the Year 2020. 

In 2022, LUÜNA will launch their digital health service, delivering trusted products and knowledge to more customers, clients and communities in need across the region.


Shervin Shargy


A former investment banker turned impact entrepreneur, Shervin has dedicated himself to developing a financially viable and scalable solution to the global plastic waste crisis and reducing the environmental damage and carbon footprint of the construction industry.

He launched EcoBricks in Hong Kong as a 100% circular economy solution to waste plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean.  By turning waste that is deemed to be worthless into high quality building materials, his vision is to demonstrate that the dividing line between trash and a valuable commodity is simply innovation.


Natalie Chow


After 12 years behind multinational fashion and beauty brands, Natalie left behind her marketing job to start her sustainable sneaker brand, KIBO, with her husband Simon. With a family background of shoe-manufacturing of over 50 years, the couple wanted to do things differently; with a positive impact for the people and the planet.

With a passion to raise social awareness on climate change and modern slavery, the couple searched far and wide for earth-friendly materials with social responsibility in mind. They also advocate transparency throughout their production process, whilst donating a portion of their proceeds to an NGO that fights against human-slavery. 

With a core offerings of simple, minimalist sneakers, they have also recently branched out to other product such as biodegradable eyewear. Natalie believes everything can have a ripple effect to create something extraordinary, and every small step makes a difference, so no matter how small a step KIBO is taking, as long as it is in the right direction, we know it will be worth it.



Cameron van Breda

Co-Founder & CEO

Cameron is a Cofounder and the CEO of Hollo – a health-tech social enterprise focused on developing digital therapeutics for behavioral health. With our unique AI, we gamify recovery pathways for those facing chronic illnesses. His international background and passions led to inter-disciplinary projects around healthcare, biotechnology, deep-tech, accessibility, and sustainability.

One of his main objectives is to improve access to all healthcare infrastructure in local communities in Asia.


Sara Chung


Sara Chung is the co-founder of Balancd Fitness, a social enterprise that aims to help people improve their mind and body balance through qigong and tai chi. Collaborating with doctors, physiotherapists and tai chi masters, Balancd creates easy-to-follow programmes that focus on mind/body co-ordination, strength training and injury prevention. To spread the health benefits of traditional Chinese martial arts, Balancd hopes to bring modern and scientific solutions to the public.

Sara is a certified martial arts instructor and NASM trainer.


Aditi Deodhar

CEO & Co-Founder

Aditi’s vision is to spread happiness amongst people by solving their environmental and health related problems. Having co-founded an award-winning sustainability startup called Planeteers, she is currently working towards solving the mounting plastic waste problem in Hong Kong by developing crunchy and tasty edible cutlery.

She recently graduated from her Bachelor’s degree in Business, and is currently a part-time Master’s student, majoring in Environmental Science and Management at HKUST.

When she’s not working or studying, you’ll find her engaging in activities like cooking delicious meals, yoga, hiking, and kickboxing.

1:15 pm  {Track A}  |  Candid Café


Raatha Ganesh

Disruptor in Chief

Raatha is the Disruptor in Chief at Resilio and co-creates (un)learning solutions designed to help leaders and their organisations shift the way they think about building positive, resilient workplace cultures and customer experiences.

Throughout her 13+ years of business consulting and talent development across Asia, Raatha has found herself energised by others’ growth and is always on the lookout for signs of it in every interaction. 

To support this, Raatha brings in a coaching mindset to her workshops supported by Integral Coaching Principles (New Ventures West), IECL Level 2 organisational coaching credentials, alongside being a Genos certified Emotional Intelligence Master practitioner and a certified online internationally accredited positive mental health and wellbeing (i.e. i-act) instructor for workplaces (independently accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK).


Andrew Lau


Andrew leads the national team with 500 active members in AIESEC in Hong Kong. He takes responsibility to lead the team to create international exchange experiences for youth, to develop future young leaders within the organization, and to implement the development strategy of AIESEC in Hong Kong. He holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Hong Kong.  



Rachel Wong

Assistant Manager (Purpose Capital)

Rachel is an Assistant Manager in the Purpose Capital team at Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), which designs new platforms for capital, ranging from grants to investments and extra-financial resources, to have a social impact.

She also focuses on corporate consultancy and impact strategy projects while spearheading the Asia Social Innovation Award, a key flagship campaign-cum-event of SVhk’s to award the best social innovation ideas across Asia. Prior to SVhk, she worked in the financial services sector and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Global Business and Management from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Serag Heiba NESS


Serag Heiba

Network of Environmental Student Societies

Serag is a university student who currently serves as the Executive Director for a youth environmental NGO named ThinkOcean, which operates in eight countries around the world with the mission of empowering youth to lead change in the climate crisis. Particularly, ThinkOcean focuses on the ocean and marine environment.

In 2021, Serag also co-founded the Network of Environmental Student Societies in Hong Kong and co-led its flagship event: the Hong Kong Climate Emergency Summit. This two-day event brought together 17 speakers and a hundred delegates from around the world to learn, network, and spread ideas about the climate emergency.


Warren Luk

Good Lab

Warren serves as CEO of Good Lab (, a non-profit social innovation think-and-do-tank in Hong Kong, dedicated to enabling social and public sector organisations to design innovative solutions in response to community challenges through cross-sector collaboration and human-centred design.

Warren believes that everyone can be a changemaker. He has spearheaded numerous social and public sector innovation projects to facilitate community participation and co-creation of user-centric solutions; and has forged new partnerships between the civil society, NGOs and the Government to design and implement large-scale innovation projects through Design Thinking—spanning topics such as community design, service innovation, talent development, and youth empowerment. Besides, Warren has led numerous social venture incubation programmes to inspire and build the capacity of young changemakers at universities and in local communities.

Committed to public service, Warren is a member of several advisory committees to the Government on social issues including poverty alleviation, conservation, and family policies. Prior to Good Lab, Warren was a management consultant specialised in corporate strategy and operations for multinational financial institutions.


Peggy Chan

Executive Director
Zero Foodprint Asia

In 2012, Peggy Chan opened Grassroots Pantry (GP) in Hong Kong with a mission to raise awareness and share knowledge on the benefits of plant-based cuisine. Her culinary approach is technique-driven, with an added dose of mindfulness, bringing out textures and depth of flavour in vegetables and legumes.

She has recently been tasked to lead non-profit projects in the region including scaling impact-venture Zero Foodprint to Asia –  an NGO that works to rapidly mobilize funding from the food industry and restaurant sector to scale agricultural climate solutions; as well as bringing Chefs’ Manifesto to Hong Kong – a global initiative and network that engages chefs as advocates for a better food system for all. 

Peggy is an alumni of Global Shapers Hong Kong, World Economic Forum, a HK Environmental Excellence Awardee in the service sector, and a nominee for the Basque Culinary World Prize in 2019.

3:00 pm  {Track A}  |  CSV Showcase


Louisa Noble

Sustainability Director
Sedgwick Richardson

Louisa leads Sedgwick Richardson’s integrated sustainability strategy practice, working with visionary leaders across the region to build relevant brands that prosper by creating shared value for business, society and the environment.

 Louisa’s work engages stakeholders and translates insights into strategy and integrated sustainability programmes for Global Fortune 500s, Blue Chips and start-ups. Her proficiency and passion lie in innovating materiality and harnessing the power of storytelling to educate, empower and impassion audiences to engage in a regenerative future; one with cascading benefits to the wellbeing of the planet and its people.



Sam Beere

General Manager
JEB Group

As the General Manager at JEB Group, Sam manages the day-to-day operation of the Hong Kong Business. He works closely with all functions of the company to develop and implement strategic change to maximize growth, improve culture, and achieve company targets. 

Sam believes that success in business comes from aligning purpose, internal culture and providing exceptional products and service to the industry and community they serve.

His goal at JEB is to generate new businesses and opportunities that create positive change. Sam aims to be the best collaborator possible and develop a strategy that is both successful and scalable for a quickly expanding company.



David Ng

Chief Strategy, Digital & Data Officer
AXA Hong Kong and Macau

Dave is the Chief Strategy, Digital and Data Officer of AXA Hong Kong and Macau. Dave has over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, leading business strategy and digital transformation. Over the course of his career, Dave has led growth initiatives in both insurance start-up and corporate settings in both North America and Asia.

In his current capacity, Dave is accountable for product leadership of all digital and data activities across the AXA Hong Kong and Macau insurance value chain and composite lines of business.

Dave is a graduate of Northwestern University.

1:15 pm  {Track B}  |  Exec Labs


Kate Okrasinki

Managing Director
MAKE Studios

Kate is an executive coach and strategic design specialist.  She has helped clients to embed Design Thinking into their organizations and apply it to solve complex business challenges. She integrates leadership development, co-creation techniques, and agile practices to facilitate transformation, cultural, and organizational change.


Martina Mok

Head of Programmes & Partnerships
Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong (SVIHK)

Before joining SVIHK in 2018, Martina was an account supervisor at an international PR agency in New York, Hong Kong and St. Louis, managing communications and media relations for multinationals, NGOs and government clients. She also brings experience in ESG reporting, CSR and sustainable finance from previous roles.

As Head of Programmes & Partnerships, Martina manages member services and builds tri-sector partnerships to promote the adoption of Shared Value. She brings wide-ranging expertise in communications, Shared Value, corporate social responsibility and social innovation. Martina’s experience includes award-winning PR campaigns in Asia Pacific and the U.S.



Maggie Ng

Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

As Head of Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB), Hong Kong, HSBC, Maggie is responsible for driving the growth agenda for HSBC’s most valuable WPB business, supporting the financial and wealth needs across the full spectrum of the Bank’s customer base.

Maggie is a seasoned banking professional, having held a number of senior local and regional positions at another US financial institution in both business and risk management. She was also an entrepreneur, co-founding a fintech wealth management and asset management company – Assured Asset Management.

JP Stevenson portrait


JP Stevenson

Chief Commercial Officer

JP is the Chief Commercial Officer of Knitup, a technology startup funded by the Fung Group and Cobalt Fashion to improve the creative infrastructure available to Creators, influencers and others seeking to launch apparel brands. Since June, Knitup has helped 70+ brands and aspiring designers build collections. Their work has ranged from helping three-year-old influencers with their first clothing line to opening up London Fashion Week with pieces reviewed by Vogue as “exuding luxury house quality.” Knitup seeks to use technology to democratize access to high quality, sustainable manufacturing and in doing so, broaden who can participate in the fashion industry.


Sharon Chu

Managing Director – Greater China Talent and Organisation Practice Lead

Sharon Chu is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Talent and Organisation / Human Potential Practice in Greater China. 

Based in Hong Kong, she specialises in driving transformational change on large-scale, complex programmes globally, regionally and locally. She also has deep seated experience in enterprise agility, culture change, new ways of working and new skilling, and has contributed to Accenture’s global thought leadership as well as external publications on related topics.

Over the past ~20 years, Sharon has worked with oil and gas and utilities clients in India, Europe, UK and more recently with banking and insurance clients in in various countries across Asia. She now works with clients across multiple industries, focusing on Greater China markets.

Sharon speaks at client senior executive forums and other external events on topics related to Transformational Change, Future HR, Workforce of the Future and Agility.

In her own time, she enjoys painting and the great outdoors.


Florence Cheng

Head of Impact Strategy
Social Ventures Hong Kong

Florence is the Head of Impact Strategy of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk). She leads SVhk’s advisory projects with corporate and non-profit partners to infuse purpose-driven positioning and activate organisational capabilities for impact acceleration. She also manages SVhk’s portfolio ventures including the Community Resilience Fund to support local social enterprises under the pandemic, and the “Business with Purpose” platform co-developed with the Hong Kong Management Association to advance social impact considerations and innovations in business.

Florence graduated from the London School of Economics and worked in management consulting in the UK and HK prior to joining SVhk.

1:15 pm  {Track C}  |  Immersion Tour


Luke Tam

Kaifong Tour

Luke is an social entrepreneur and innovation consultant. He founded “Kaifong Tour”, an award winning social enterprise which promotes community engagement and sustainability. He is also responsible for providing social innovation training and consultancy services for government, corporate and NGOs. He has rich experiences in community engagement and has been actively engaged in public service. He was also appointed as Advisory Committee of the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged.


Dorothy Lam

Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst
Dream Impact

With a multi-dimensional background and experience in emerging technology, social innovation and arts in New York City, Hong Kong, Berlin & Abu Dhabi, Dorothy integrates various disciplines of wellness, resilience and innovation of how businesses can integrate community-driven and human-centric solutions to solve today’s pressing social issues. Having successfully built a network of 140+ social startups, NGOs, universities, impact investors and corporates to work on cross-sector collaborations, Dream Impact is the leading impact ecosystem builder in Hong Kong.


Maria Cheung

Chief Executive
Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation

Before her tenure at Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation, Maria Cheung had worked for several listed companies, taking up various roles respectively, including image building and employer branding, advertising and promotions, mega events management, stakeholder engagement, media and investor relations, issue and crisis management, sustainability, central administration, as well as the establishment and management of corporate volunteer teams and charity foundations.  Maria currently is Agency for Volunteer Service’s Fundraising and Promotion Committee member, a Director of the Regeneration Charity Foundation, a Task Force member of [email protected], and an Executive Committee member of Hong Kong Public Relations  Professionals’ Association (PRPA).  Between 2012-2015, Maria was the PRPA’s President.


Cora Chu

Dialogue Experience

Cora was inspired to pursue her second career in Dialogue In The Dark in 2013 and has taken up the CEO role since 2015 with key focus on leading the business
development in corporate and education sectors, plus the development of empowerment programs to nurture and showcase the talents of People of Differences (PoDs).

Cora is committed in engaging PoDs to create social impact by empowering more PoDs to live out their life with respect and dignity at the same time promoting social inclusion, tolerance, respect and appreciation of individual differences.


Dr. Patrick Cheung

Founder & CEO
The Jade Club

Dr. Cheung is a serial-entrepreneur. He successfully built his corporate career in establishing Asian business from ground zero.  He found his own flexible packaging manufacturing business in China and developed it into a leading company in the industry. At the age of 50, he sold all business and devoted full time to promote social entrepreneurship and social innovation. He was the founder of Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong, one of the most successful social enterprise in Hong Kong. 

Starting from 2011, Dr. Cheung shifted his focus to Elderly Care. He established Jade Club and Social Impact Fellows to promote active ageing. He served various government committees for elderly care and social innovation.  Dr. Cheung holds a Doctorate in public administration from University of Hong Kong with his research work focus on elderly care policy of Hong Kong. 

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