Caleb Chiu

Caleb Chiu CTO & Co-founder, Neurum Health

Caleb is now the CTO and co-founder at Neurum Health building a world that connects you better with yourself and those around you. We do that by using machine learning to meaningfully ensure the right mind health care, real-time, all the time.

Prior to founding Neurum Health, he was a core member of Bloomberg’s digital products team as a full-stack engineer. He had spent 8 years building top-charting products from mobile games to AI-enabled digital therapeutics. Caleb is a social entrepreneur striving to make a positive impact on society through technology.

What are you most excited about CREATIVE COLLISION 2023?
"I am excited to meet industry leaders and changemakers who are creating and driving shared value. I am also excited to tap into the creativities of the community to innovate and tackle societal issues that align with business health."

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