Christie Lai

Christie Lai Co-Founder, 2041 Hong Kong

Christie is an ecology and biodiversity student at The University of Hong Kong. As a passionate marine biologist, she has led several local environmental organisations and has worked with WWF on conservation projects. Stemming from her UWC education, Christie enjoys meaningful dialogue with people of all backgrounds. She aspires to promote youth sustainability by redesigning education and establishing solution-based projects with different industries. Christie is a firm believer in synergy across disciplines to kindle more efficient changes and impacts for our current problems.

What are you most excited about CREATIVE COLLISION 2023?
"I am thankful and honoured to be hosting the social experiment icebreaker, designed to challenge, dissolve barriers and open up dialogues. I cannot wait to take part in the cultivation of ideas across sectors and witness them collide, intertwine, and transform into innovative solutions for partnerships to take place and better progress our society."

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