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Edmund Chan

Edmund Chan Co-founder & COO, Meat The Next

Mr. Edmund Chan is the Co-founder and COO of the food technology company Meat the Next Food Co., Ltd. Mr. Chan obtained the degree of Executive MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With 15 years experience of in food industry marketing, operations, and business strategy, Mr. Chan has managed more than 400 people with unique insights into new product development and has been well acquainted with trends and practices in the food industry. Meat the Next is New Generation Food Enabler in developing and providing delicious, nutritionally balanced, and affordable Plant-based Proteins product and solutions including dairy-free ice cream, milk, and plant-based meat aiming for diet change to combat climate change with its owned patented food technology.

What are you most excited about CREATIVE COLLISION 2023?
"As a local food technology company, we are doing a lot of social impacts and innovation to bring out high-quality, nutritionally balanced, and affordable alternative protein solutions and New Generation Food. We are keen to collaborate with different social enterprises to enlarge the social impact by introducing green living and sustainability."

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