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Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

Innovation and technology run in our DNA. From Hong Kong to the world, we are propelling pioneers into forces for good, steering them to success, and transforming their ideas into impact. For 20 years, we have been building up Hong Kong as an international I&T hub, creating a thriving ecosystem with our world-class infrastructure, collaborative network, and global vision.   We are here to spark innovation that empowers future generations. A launchpad for international ambitions, our innovation hive offers programmes for incubating great ideas and commercialising technologies. Wherever they are in their journey, every tech talent can find a place to shine at our innovation campuses. We are re-imagining a future that is better, brighter, and smarter.

Why you are supporting CREATIVE COLLISION 2023?

“Our vision is to create a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem to deliver social and economic benefits to Hong Kong and the region, and to build a future abundant with innovation opportunities for the younger generations."

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