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Joost Lobler

Joost Lobler Founder, Shrett

Joost is a Dutch citizen and permanent resident of Hong Kong. He has lived in the city for 12 years. He is a seasoned banker who decided to give up his banking career to focus on finding a solution that contributes to the global issue of plastic pollution. This is how Shrett Limited was born in 2021. Together with a team of specialists in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and the US, he has developed the world's first plastic shredder for use at home and in business (F&B, office canteens, and hotels). The shredder only recognises recyclable plastic types and does not operate with any other material. The shreds are collected and 100% recycled.

What are you most excited about CREATIVE COLLISION 2023?
"I look forward to engaging with stakeholders in the industry, NGOs, and government to learn, get advice, widen my network, and most of all, spread the word about our company, our goals, and purpose, and how we can genuinely contribute to a cleaner Hong Kong!"

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