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Luke Tam

Luke Tam Co-founder & Community Engagement Director, Kaifong Tour

Luke is a social entrepreneur and city tour guide. He is the founder of Kaifong Tour, a social enterprise that promotes community engagement & sustainable tourism in Hong Kong. He has rich experiences in community engagement and has been actively engaged in the civic engagement sector. His effort was well-recognised by the society and awarded the "Spirit of Hong Kong Awards 2022". He will lead his team to design an immersive experience to explore and showcase various types of partnership models, as well as introduce the dynamics of the community via storytelling.

What are you most excited about CREATIVE COLLISION 2023?
"We are excited to be the partner of Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong again to run immersive experiences for cross-sector participants. As most of the social distancing measures have been lifted and a lot of new opportunities are coming up, let us discover the stories in Kwun Tong together at CREATIVE COLLISION 2023!"

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