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Terence Yuen

Terence Yuen Senior Consultant (Assurance), Social Value International

Dr. Terence Yuen is Senior Consultant at Social Value International. In this capacity, he joined an international project team to assist in the implementation of the UNDP SDG Impact Standards that aim to facilitate enterprises and investors to embed impact considerations into the decision-making and practices for strategy, management, transparency, and governance. A certified public accountant and an accredited social value practitioner and SROI trainer, Terence has close to three decades of experience in areas including accounting and audit, impact measurement and management, policy and program evaluation, philanthropy and nonprofit management, and impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Terence founded the Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts (HKI-SIA) in 2013 and has been serving as its Executive Director ever since. As a network member of Social Value International, HKI-SIA has been joining hands with likeminded professionals around the globe to advocate for changing the way our society accounts for value, building professional knowledge to increase the likelihood that organisations of all kinds are contributing positively to sustainability and the SDGs.

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