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Open Event – Virginia Wilson, CEO of Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong, will be a panelist at Hong Kong Fintech Week. The session called Banks Mobilize Capital – Can Digital Banks Do a Better Job at Allocating Capital to Businesses That Incorporate Environmental, Social, & Governance Measures?  is taking place on 4 Nov, 3:20-3:50pm.

It will cover three topics:

1. Digital banks are new – but can they do a better job of being profitable and “green”

2. How can digital banks leverage data in ways to support ESG goals

3. What strategies are digital banks using to win new customer loyalty, and can those tactics also impact how users save, borrow, and invest


  • Timothy Wong, Chairman & CEO of AMTD Digital/ AMTD Charity Foundation



  • Frederic Lau, Vice Chairman & President, AMTD Group / AMTD Digital
  • Helene Li, General Manager & CEO & Co-Founder, FinTech Association of Hong Kong / GoImpact

Hong Kong Fintech Week is back to physical event this November!

In its sixth edition, Hong Kong FinTech Week will completely reinvent your previous event experience by combining physical conference in Hong Kong with access online from anywhere in the world.

The main conference will be held this 3-4 Nov. at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre and Online, and 5 Nov. will be online only.

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