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How to create shared value

Shared value brings purpose into the boardroom, enabling business to lead societal progress while making profit. Where to start?

Going beyond


Companies are falling in love with the idea of purpose. And what’s not to love? Done well, a corporate purpose is energizing, inspiring, and creates a shared reason for being. But is simply declaring a purpose beyond profits enough? We think not.

Putting a company’s purpose into practice through shared value will drive impact at scale and enhance the company’s competitiveness. How to seize business opportunities nesting in this quest for purpose?

With case studies gathered over the last decade, we work with business leaders to transform purpose into action through organisational change. Our evidence-based approach accelerates shared value practices within companies.

Transforming the way

Business is done

Are you looking for new ways to improve your bottom line? Do you want to achieve your sustainability roadmap and drive positive change? Combine both objectives and gain a lasting competitive advantage by creating shared value.

Our tailor-made programme takes business where profit and purpose mutually reinforce. By working with us, your company accesses actionable tools to move theory into action.

Take our purpose quick assessment today. By answering 12 quick questions about your current practices, you can instantly receive our first recommendations to embed your purpose into your core business. The assessment takes only 5 minutes, is easy and confidential. Best of all, it’s free with no obligation to take further action.  


& Tools

We support you in three main ways:

  • Engagement: advisory, strategy workshops, internal campaigns & events
  • Education: masterclasses, training, case studies
  • Ecosystem: community events, networking

Beyond zero

an inspirational kickstarter

As partner of the 100 Months to Change coalition, we hold the exclusive rights in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China for the powerful documentary film telling the story of the sustainability journey at Interface. Screenings of this film are a great way to open up conversations and get people to lead the change in their organisation.

The Purpose


The Purpose Playbook gathers practices, action steps, and company examples that help changemakers pioneer transformation in their company and business ecosystem for society. 


Education Tools

We curate a proven gamified process to engage people in the critical work of transformation. Our experiences lead participants to deeply ingrain their understanding of the world’s biggest issues, the human power of change, and step into the shoes of their ecosystem stakeholders.



Connect to

The society

Over the years, SVIHK has developed close bonds with organisations across academia, NGOs, the public sector, social innovation, and start-up communities.​ Our ecosystem offers a safe space for sparking new ideas, co-creating solutions, and tying unlikely partnerships.


For the goals

We pursue Sustainable Development Goal 17 as a means to achieve other SDGs and bridge companies with a multi-stakeholder ecosystem. Opening new conversations within our safe environment is the first step towards collective impact.



CREATIVE COLLISION by SVIHK is Hong Kong’s leading purpose-led business event. At CREATIVE COLLISION, business, civil society, social innovators and the public sector collide to disrupt business and spark creative solutions to societal challenges.