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“Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities” Programme – Cohort II

SUPPORTED EVENT – SVIHK is supporting the “Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities” Programme initiated by the Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Action Lab of the Centre for Civil Society and Governance at The University of Hong Kong.

Cohort II of the Programme is now officially open for application and will close on 28 June. Applicants will be invited to the pitching event in September and win up to HK$200,000 to implement their sustainability projects if they have successfully engaged in our required training sessions.

This initiative aims to enrich and expand the frontier of the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. The goal is to prepare the community for meeting long-term local sustainability challenges and crowdsource ideas and actions through incubating a corps of intergenerational “sustainability catalysers” consisting of young-old and young professionals.

The Programme connects different sectors for collective action to encourage re-thinking of how existing processes of resource allocation and utilisation can be reconfigured to create new possibilities and blended values. Cohort I of the Programme has successfully granted seven sustainability projects with seed-grant of HK$100,000 for start-up schemes and HK$200,000 scale-up schemes respectively. All funded teams will be further incubated with tailored training and continuous support – like business advisory, coaching, networking opportunities, impact investors introduction – to facilitate their journeys as sustainability change-makers in Hong Kong.

Key Milestones:

  • 17 July (Saturday) Learning Programme (1) – When Funders Meet Social Innovation in the Midst of Challenging Times
  • 24 July (Saturday) Learning Programme (2) – Business Model of Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • 31 July (Saturday) Learning Programme (3) – Design Thinking in Action
  • 7 August (Saturday) Learning Programme (4) – Blended Values for Social Ventures
  • September #Sustainability Thinking Workshop Day 1 – Show Time X Expert Jamming
  • September #Sustainability Thinking Workshop Day 2 – Pitch to Win


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