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SVIHK x TEC: The Role of Technology in Mental Health Solutions

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SVIHK x TEC: The Role of Technology in Mental Health Solutions

Mental health directly affects all of us – it’s no wonder it ranks in the top 5 Future of Work focuses at Davos 2019. This talk explores different facets of mental health, from a neuroscience to technological innovations perspective. How do mental health issues affect us? Where does Hong Kong stand in this area? Hear from Neurum CEO Meg Lam on the role of health technologies, trends in cutting-edge research and the convergence of different fields for mental health solutions. Brought to you by Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong as part of its Mental Health Initiative.


Meg Lam, CEO & Co-founder, Neurum
Meg is the CEO and Co-founder of Neurum – the company that builds healthier environments using real-world and real-time data. Her research at Yale School of Medicine used digital data from connected devices to find patterns on depressive symptoms. During her time there, she also co-founded Psychiatry Technology Group, which convened entrepreneurs and professionals from different backgrounds to explore technology for psychiatry. She believes meaningful changes emerge from intersections of different fields, driven by people solving shared problems.

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