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Hybrid Metrics: Connecting Shared Value to Shareholder Value

by | Nov 3, 2020


Mark Kramer, SVIHK Board Director; Co-Founder & Managing Director of FSG
Leanna Orr, Deputy Editor, Institutional Investor
Dr. Nadira Lamrad, Director – Sustainability & ESG Advisory; Communications, Business Environment Council (BEC)

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In the report, ‘Hybrid Metrics: Connecting Shared Value to Shareholder Value’, SVIHK Board Director and Co-Founder & Managing Director of FSG, Mark Kramer and fellow co-authors make the case for a new approach to investor reporting that combines a company’s social and environmental impact with standard measures of financial performance, making the connection between the two explicit.

In this free public webinar, SVIHK and SVP ANZ are hosting a live Q&A with Mark moderated by Dr. Nadira Lamrad of Business Environment Council, to discuss the implications for the Asian business community. The session begins with a pre-recorded discussion between Mark and Institutional Investor’s Deputy Editor, Leanna Orr, from the global launch.

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