Mental Health Visioning and Scoping Workshop hosted by Accenture Hong Kong

by | Aug 31, 2018

Mental Health Visioning and Scoping Workshop hosted by Accenture Hong Kong

Accenture Hong Kong hosted the ‘Mental Health Visioning and Scoping Workshop’ for Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong (SVIHK) on 24 August. This workshop was the first key activity of SVIHK. Attended by executives and managers from industry leaders in banking, insurance, healthcare and consumer products at the Accenture Digital Studio, the workshop gathered SVIHK members to co-create innovative ways to address the mental health challenge in Hong Kong while bringing business value.

Mental health is a severe issue in Hong Kong and globally. The economic cost of depression and other mental illness could be as a high as $1.35 billion per year for Hong Kong’s 3.9 million employees, according to AIA Vitality’s Healthiest Workplace Survey 2017.

Leveraging Design Thinking methodology, the workshop involved co-creating a vision statement and a set of guiding principles with executives of SVIHK Founding Members, followed by a 4-hour deep-dive with corporate leaders to discover key pain points in mental health in Hong Kong, ideate creative solutions, and co-create a roadmap of quick wins and strategic solutions that participants can take away to build up their own corporate strategy to deal with mental health issues.

The workshop received very positive feedback from participants, in particular the members were thrilled to be using a new and innovative way of thinking to co-create solutions that benefit both society and the business community.

Split up into groups, participants actively took part in co-creation sessions where they:

  • Discussed mental health challenges in key areas such as prevention, diagnostic, de-stigmatisation, treatment, and care and support.
  • Presented creative and actionable solutions that bring value to society and business.
  • Prioritised steps to take for each organisation’s strategy implementation.

The workshop led to the creation of an 18-month roadmap of initiatives for SVIHK members as they help pave the way for better mental health in Hong Kong.

For more details on the workshop, contact [email protected] and [email protected].

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