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MD Junior

by | Sep 24, 2018

What is MD Junior

MD Junior is a student-run nonprofit that mobilizes youth to bridge the Health Gap. Using a unique service-learning methodology for empowering youth in health, MDJunior is able to address pressing community health problems. We engage high school and college students collaboratively through social enterprise. With a 7-year history, our approach is time-tested and has inspired thousands of students at over 35 Chapters across the United States.

MDJunior Medical Mission

Many medical missions go to other countries to simply give aid. MDJunior doesn’t. We extended our Service Learning approach internationally to Honduras, while incorporating global health best practices to ensure sustainable impact. Established in 2010, MDJunior has been conducting bi-annual, week long service missions to rural communities in Southwest Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Vrindavan, India. Several key elements of our approach to Global Health include: Focusing on a select group of high-need villages, with development plans outlined for 5 years, that track progress and trends. Empowering communities to take charge of their own health by establishing Chapters in local schools. Combining curative, preventive, and educational programming to holistically develop rural villages rather than simply provide aid. Incorporating local knowledge and constant assessment to best leverage community resources.


MD Junior

GYHS and Hackathon

At MDJunior we value the opportunity to use modern day technology to combat an important global issue: the Health Gap. We will be working with our faculty, mentors, coaches and sponsors to guide youth to code, develop apps to spread the word and fundraise to help improve the lives of youth and mental healthcare awareness worldwide. The purpose of our conference and hackathon is to create solutions that help solve problems centered around Youth and Mental Health.


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