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MBA Intern Joanna Iu: My Journey with The Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

by | 5 月 22, 2019

Joanna is a current Master of Business Administration (MBA) student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to the MBA, she was an actuary with eight years of experience in the reinsurance industry.

By Joanna Iu.
Business Administration MSc, CUHK.

Shared Value Project, HK. My Journey Begins…

It’s been five months since I began my journey with Shared Value. As an MBA intern, I had an invaluable opportunity to combine my passion in Shared Value creation with my comprehension of business administration.

SVIHK is an industry leader when it comes to generating social benefit. It engages with its corporate partners through conducting research on fundamental social issues and provides the tools to navigate a seemingly complex landscape. The Shared Value Project instigates and develops strategy for businesses to adopt and integrate into their structures in order to maximise a socially advantageous output.

I have had the privilege of being a member of its global network and had the honour of representing SVIHK in a variety of business and social innovation events.

SVIHK is an inspiring organisation which acts as an essential platform for likeminded businesses to converge and engage with our shared values. As one of the seventeen SDG’s set by the United Nations, partnership is key to achieving the common goal of creating sustainable business opportunities through the social lens. I have enjoyed being a part of the diverse and dynamic team in an organic, open environment.  Impactful, thought provoking social issues provided the necessary stimulation to produce the creative solutions needed to align with the overall strategy and direction in achieving the optimal results. Personal development and intellectual sharing were encouraged within the workplace. We completed the social impact analysis online course as a team, applying ‘well-being’ as the blueprint and converted the thought process into implementable business opportunities.

The Golden Ratio

Shared Value represents a golden ratio at the intersection of business engagement, social impact and corporate capabilities. As an actuarial practitioner and sustainability advocate, I have been searching for my own perfect balance in the pursuit of my aspirations to be in the driving seat as we head toward a more sustainable future. My analytical skills and business acumen were well leveraged during my experience measuring impact and engagement metrics. We collaborated research, partnered internal and external communications, and combined a wide range of social impact workshops to showcase the leading best practices in Hong Kong and beyond including the Greater China Region.

Carrying the SPVHK Value Forward

I would strongly encourage a global engagement in Shared Value on both an individual level and through corporate partnerships. The experience with SVIHK has been essential in providing me with a fresh insight into the continually developing, socially supportive, strategic based projects which generate positive externalities on an international scale. It has been an unparalleled opportunity to  be connected within the diverse, growing, global network of professionals that make up Shared Value. It has been both rewarding and humbling to witness the gradual comprehension of importance that SPVHK has in answering the needs of society and generating growth across all industries. As I begin to take my next steps with my career, I will always retain the core messaging Shared Value has taught me. Aligning profit and purpose and harnessing the levers of capitalism to produce a socially beneficial output is the future of a united society, sharing wealth and knowledge, whilst being the foundation for impactful, sustainable growth.

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