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The Shared Value Project is leading the development of Shared Value in Hong Kong through advocacy, a knowledge repository, peer to peer sharing, and practice. As part of the Shared Value Initiative global network, we aim to align profit with purpose and harness the strengths of big business to address complex social issues in Hong Kong and regionally. We promote the competitive advantages gained by strategically aligning business to create social impact. The business case for shared value creation (as defined in Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s HBR article) is compelling. As a corporate-funded not for profit, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong will provide a partnership platform and facilitate tri-sector collaboration on projects of common interest. Leading the development /adoption of shared value creation by example, our first initiatives will be in the areas of HK’s mental health and Youth Development, and we will shortly be scoping the projects. The goal is to create sustainable, scalable business opportunities that at the same time address factors that otherwise contribute to large scale social issues.


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目的指南手册 FSG和Shared Value Initiative 发表的目的指南手册将帮助公司更好地了解成为目的为本机构的意义、什么令目的值得拥有、和如何通过关注共享价值来实现曾许下的目的。


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在中国大陆门前 Shared Value Project Hong Kong的成立目的在于启发并吸引香港和华南大湾区的公司参与创造共享价值的行列。


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持续扩展 随著Shared Value Initiative India在世界上增长最快经济体系之一的印度创立,这个全球运动进一步扩大。


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行善得福 《Fortune财富》杂誌发表了第一张「改变世界」名单,以表扬和把焦点放在在应对重大社会挑战方面取得明显进展、并将这方向纳入核心业务战略一部分的公司。


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全球网路 The Shared Value Project Australia 在澳大利亚的正式成立意味SVI拥有了第一个全球伙伴。这是让公司参与特定市场机会的重要一步。


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为共享价值创新 2013年,由波特教授和克瑞默于2000年成立的目的为本谘询公司FSG,在哈佛商业评论发表《为共享价值创新》一文,当中简介了成功实现共享价值的公司将想法变为行动的五个要点。


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行动承诺 The Shared Value Initiative 在波士顿正式成立,作为克林顿全球倡议行动承诺一员,成为全球知识和学习中心,种子资金来自Mercy Corps、雀巢、洛克斐勒基金会和Verizon。

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