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The Executive Centre – Beginning Our Shared Value Journey

by | Feb 22, 2019

The Executive Centre is incredibly proud to have taken the first steps on our Shared Value journey, and with the support of the team at Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong we’re optimistic about the opportunities for both our organisation and our Members. As a leading flexible workspace provider, we find ourselves in a unique position on this journey and are inspired to consider our shared value initiative potentially as a service rather than a tangible product. Our network extends across Asia Pacific, through China, Australia, India and Dubai. Again, the breadth of our geography is something of a challenge, but it is also a rich opportunity to develop new milestones for success and innovation.

Reflecting and Learning

Several members of our global team have had the opportunity to participate in the SVIHK training led by Richard Welford. This has been an important step toward developing greater insight into the concept of shared value and an opportunity to reflect on case studies that demonstrate its genuine commercial potential. We are now positioned to take steps towards enacting change, and the overwhelming consensus from our teams is that we are ready and willing to do this.

A Platform for Innovation

The Executive Centre celebrates a milestone 25 years of operation this year and we credit both our longevity and our success to an innate agility and ability to innovate. Our Member-first approach is at the heart of everything we do. From designing beautiful spaces, to strategic expansion and everything in between, we pride ourselves on delivering a best-in-class experience for our network of professionals. We know that this will inform our shared value offering and we see the fundamental ability of TEC to innovate and grow as a rich opportunity to create shared value. This is not about ‘giving back’, this is about developing new and socially responsible revenue streams through innovation and imagination.

Where to Now?

We are comfortable with the concept of creating shared value for our Members, and we now find ourselves at a unique juncture where we can do this on a much broader and more socially responsible scale. We will be collaborating internally as a core team from different departments and backgrounds to give our venture the best chance of success. We hope that the unique expertise represented by this team will allow us to work as an imaginative collective. Over the course of the next year we look forward to sharing updates on our progress and the inevitable challenges that await.

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