About Megan Lam

I am excited about meaningful changes in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Technology has offered new potentials in the way we conceptualise, innovate, and deliver care. These meaningful changes emerge from the intersections of different fields, driven by people coming together to solve shared problems. I believe that interdisciplinary collaborations between clinicians, engineers, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, patients etc. are paramount for progress.

A Neuroscientist’s view on Mental Health

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Meg is the CEO and Co-founder of Neurum Health – the company that delivers behavioural health insights using real-world and real-time data. To date, she serves on the executive board of Global Innovations and New Technologies (GIANT) Health Events and advisory for Mind HK’s digital health projects. Previously, she completed her research fellowship at Yale School of Medicine (Dept. Psychiatry) which used digital data from sensors and online social interactions from connected devices to find patterns on depressive symptoms.

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