SVIHK invites you to CREATIVE COLLISION 2021 on 18 November, our third interactive “non-conference” for business, civil society, public sector and social innovation leaders.

This year, we embrace the theme TOWARDS NET POSITIVE as we accelerate the transition, not just to net zero, but net positive impact. To the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet. To Creating Shared Value.

The pandemic has brought new challenges and exposed underlying ones. With a focus on TOWARDS NET POSITIVE, we look with impatient optimism for Shared Value solutions to social and environmental issues including youth empowerment, mental well-being, inclusive value chains and climate action.

Under the banner of TOWARDS NET POSITIVE, we reconvene as a community of changemakers to do more than the bare minimum. To strive for more than net profit, or net impact: we strive for net positive.

Building on the successes of CREATIVE COLLISION 2019 & 2020, we will tackle 6 key Challenges of adopting Shared Value with new experiential formats and three tracks. Within social distancing guidelines, the event will be in person at Lai Chi Kok, hosted by mission-aligned Strategic Partner Explorium. Join us in a day of co-creation and check back here for more updates!

Designed unconventionally to break through 6 common challenges and build capacity for Creating Shared Value, this experiential day will enable you to deliver greater impact through new business ideas and uncommon connections. Our interactive agenda includes a new Disruptor Dialogue, Impact Auction, Candid Café, Exec Labs and an Immersion Tour. Stay tuned below for details!


  • Top local CSV visionaries, practitioners and social innovation leaders
  • 6 interactive sessions, 3 parallel tracks, incl. Candid Café, Exec Labs, Immersion Tour
  • Each session tackles one of 6 Challenges of activating Shared Value:
  • Senior executives striving toward inclusive, sustainable business strategies and/or struggling with Shared Value culture change in your teams
  • Business leaders (any function, any level) striving to change your company’s social impact approach, or seeking CSV resources, training and networks
  • Intrapreneurial employees with ideas for impactful products and services
  • Any social changemakers and practitioners keen to evolve your corporate partnerships, including social enterprise & NGO leaders, network builders
  • Academic-practitioners and youth leaders active in social innovation
  • Public sector representatives from government agencies, publicly funded institutions and think tanks keen to push enabling policies and partnerships


Morning Session
Explorium, Lai Chi Kok

Introduction by: Virginia Wilson, CEO, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Challenge of Leadership

Bold ambition and visionary leadership are key to mobilising an organisation toward Shared Value. How is this next-gen leader transforming their business with purpose?

Keynote speaker: Veronica Chou, Founder & CEO of Everybody & Everyone, President of Novel Fashion Investments 

Dialogue hosted by: Andrew Lau, President, AIESEC HK 

Break with refreshments

Challenge of Scaling

Back by popular demand! Hong Kong’s social enterprise community is rapidly growing and maturing, taking the lion share of “social innovation” while big business is just coming to the table as they see market opportunities. Everyone will hear several diverse “corporate-ready” impact venture founders tell you their stories in 3 minutes flat. “Bid” just one hour of your time with your name card if you want to learn more, partner, fund, mentor, refer, share.


  • Olivia Cotes-James, Founder & CEO, LUÜNA naturals 


  • Shervin Sharghy, Founder, EcoBricks
  • Sara Chung, Co-Founder, Balancd
  • Cameron van Breda, Co-Founder & CEO, Hollo
  • Natalie Chow, Co-Founder, KIBO
  • Aditi Deodhar, Co-Founder & CEO, Planeteers

Thanks to our Nominating Partners Dream Impact, WHub and Enactus.

Lunch included with ticket. We will have social distancing guidelines in place.

Afternoon Session
Explorium, Lai Chi Kok

Participants can choose from one of 3 afternoon tracks
See below for details of TRACK A, B and C for your selection

1:15 pm TRACK A: Candid Café CSV Showcase

1:15 pm TRACK B: Exec Labs

1:00 pm TRACK C: Immersion Tour

Break with refreshments

Everyone will get a chance to hear about all Tracks as afternoon hosts and participants share takeaways and key learnings for your CSV journey.
  • What’s next & how can you get involved? With Martina Mok, Head of Programmes & Partnerships, SVIHK
  • Closing with Virginia Wilson, CEO, SVIHK

Open networking.

Invitation only for speakers, sponsors, partners and VIPs

💥  Participants can choose from one of 3 afternoon tracks


Café & Showcase

Challenge of Disruption

Back by popular demand !

A very brave and candid set of conversations with everyone to air out and work through challenges of pushing change in a year of disruption. We’ll explore how to uphold optimistic momentum in the midst of macro issues in HK and the world.

“Resident Optimist” Hosts

  • Raatha Ganesh, Disruptor in Chief, Resilio

Widening Inequalities

  • Breakout hosted by Warren Luk, CEO, Good Lab

Transforming Business With Purpose 

  • Breakout hosted by Rachel Wong, Assistant Manager, Purpose Capital, Social Ventures Hong Kong

Intersection of Climate & Inequalities 

  • Breakout hosted by Serag Heiba, Co-founder, Network of Environmental Student Societies

Green & Just Recovery

  • Breakout hosted by Peggy Chan, Executive Director, Zero Foodprint Asia

Talent Outflow & Turnover

  • Breakout hosted by Raatha Ganesh, Disruptor in Chief, Resilio

Youth & Family Challenges 

  • Breakout hosted by Andrew Lau, President, AIESEC HK 

Break with refreshments.

Challenge of Operations

So you aspire to create Shared Value, but how do you bring an idea to life? How do you rally an organisation with you? Come learn the inside scoop on two impactful business projects recently launched in Hong Kong. Our case presenters will take us through HOW to explore an opportunity around user needs, sell the business case, design a pilot, build partner networks and track impact.


  • Louisa Noble, Sustainability Director, Sedgwick Richardson 


  • Sam Beere, General Manager, JEB Group, on Sustainable Office Solutions case
  • David Ng, Chief Strategy, Digital & Data Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, on AXA Mind Health Programme case



Challenge of Ideation

We’ve asked a few local executives for their real business pain points, related to Sustainable Development Goals. Can you help them crack the problem?

In diversely mixed participant teams, you will get to ask them questions, quickly ideate CSV solutions, then pitch for feedback to see what might be feasible next steps. Exciting workshop prompts to be revealed soon.


  • Kate Okrasinski, Managing Director, MAKE Studios
  • Martina Mok, Head of Programmes and Partnerships, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong



  • HSBC case, by Maggie Ng, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Prompt: How to Embed Accessible Banking Design for All?


  • Fung Group case, by JP Stevenson, Chief Commercial Officer, Knitup

Prompt: How to Enable Sustainable Fashion Production for Small Brands?


  • Accenture case, by Sharon Chu, Managing Director – Greater China Talent and Organisation Practice Lead, Accenture

Prompt: How to Integrate Sustainability & Shared Value into Organisational Culture?


Impact Expert

  • Florence Cheng, Head of Impact Strategy, Social Ventures Hong Kong



Challenge of Partnerships

Join us on a neighbourhood walking tour and site visits to social innovation projects, in partnership with impact tour guides telling the story of Lai Chi Kok’s morphing social fabric, recent changes and socioeconomic challenges. Discover how these selected NGOs, social enterprises and companies are working together to amplify impact.

  • Walking tour curated in partnership with Luke Tam, Co-Founder & Chief Explorer, Kaifong Tour
Kaifong Tour is a social enterprise that promotes community connection and participation through community guided tours and other community projects.
  • Visit to InnoAge Hub hosted by Dr. Patrick Cheung, Founder and CEO of The Jade Club

This visit is an opportunity to join Dr Cheung, a leading pioneer of social enterprise in Hong Kong at his brand new ageing economy innovation space and hear his thoughts on business opportunities in the ageing economy.


Dialogue Experience offers ‘Impactainment’ (entertainment with social impact) experiences.  The visit will include a mini Dark Experience, in which participants will experience life without the ability to see.


  • Visit to Dream Impact hosted by Dorothy Lam, Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst

Dream Impact is a resource bridging platform that connects social startups with resources that accelerate growth in both business and social impact.  Learn about their work and visit their co-working space to meet social entrepreneurs.


  • Brief talk by Maria Cheung, Chief Executive, Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation

Visit this world-renowned organisation and learn about their work in delivering ethical and sustainable supply chain


💥 Tickets sales end on 14 Nov.



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