AmCham x SVIHK: Redefining Success in Asia’s New Economy with Shared Value

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OPEN EVENT - Gaëlle Loiseau, CEO of Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong, and Martina Mok, Head of Programmes & Partnerships, SVIHK, have been invited by the AmCham to present Creating Shared Value. They will provide relatable examples of how businesses in China, Asia and the rest of the world are adopting Shared Value to build high and sustainable performance in these challenging times.

十如 – 溢达的可持续发展园林

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AXA 安盛亚洲及非洲首席执行官韦国敦解释他如何接触共创价值,一个今年将庆祝10周年的全球运动,并成为 Shared Value Project Hong Kong 的创始主席 (现已改名为 Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong)。

Impatient Optimism in a World on Hold

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Reflecting on the last few months of industry events, partner conversations and Member meetings, here are my observations on some major barriers to social innovation in Hong Kong. Some of my views may be unpopular, but then again we’re not here to be mainstream. Alongside each is an example of what we’ve tried in overcoming that barrier, in case it’s useful to others.

I Dream A Shared Value Dream

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In 2012/13, I was tasked to help establish a whole new government funding scheme, namely the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund, with an aim to provide impetus to propel the development of social entrepreneurs and build the local social innovation ecosystem.  At the time, the government had been providing resources to fund and support the development of the social enterprise sector for almost a decade. The staunch support from the government had already enabled the social enterprise sector to flourish and gain recognition generally in Hong Kong.

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