Global Health Crisis has Prompted Consumers to Reconsider What is Important to Them

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Over 90 percent of consumers say it is important for companies to show they are committed to doing the right thing, according to a recent seven-market study by FleishmanHillard’s TRUE Global Intelligence practice. The report, COVID-19 Mindset: The Collision of Issues, analyses the inflection points taking place around the world as consumers’ thoughts and approaches to their health and finances shift, and expectations of their government, community, employers and each other change.

5 Ways to Extend COVID-19 Business Changes for Social Impact

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As the world has learned to cope with the pandemic and started to look ahead to long-term recovery, we all keep hearing about the need to “build back better”, increase resilience and not go back to the way things were. Easy to say, but what exactly does that look like? How do we truly transition to rebuilding a “new economy” that is more inclusive and sustainable, using what we have learned in the past few months?

Fuelling Shared Value: The Power of People

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As a purpose practitioner for eight years and a purpose ambassador for decades, I was thrilled to hear, back in December 2017, that Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong would create a platform to build this compelling global movement right here in Asia, where leaders and their teams are creating Shared Value and influencing the business world to be a force for good. Everyone can contribute to solving our world’s grand challenges, and this could be one of the biggest opportunities of our time - for individuals, for business, and for the benefit of all people around the globe.

Recap on ‘Creating Shared Value: Business Models for Sustainable Social Impact’ Panel Event

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Changemakers exist everywhere. It is no longer the case that creators of social impact are exclusively volunteers or charity workers. Today, increasing numbers of MNCs recognise a need to support the social values of their stakeholders. At the same time, more people are challenging the idea that profit maximisation is the be-all and end-all of companies. As a result, opportunities for people to create change are flourishing.

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