About Martina Mok

As former SVIHK Head of Programmes & Partnerships, Martina has managed member services and built tri-sector partnerships to promote the adoption of Shared Value until early 2022. Martina is passionate about catalysing sustainable change through a business-led, cross-sector approach. Her wide-ranging expertise includes communications, campaign management, Shared Value, corporate social responsibility and social innovation.

Colliding on a Journey Towards Net Positive

By |2022-06-13T17:13:29+08:008 12 月, 2021|

Martina Mok, our former Head of Programmes and Partnerships, invites you to draw on what our team has learned – and to challenge these – through three-plus years of connecting and enabling Hong Kong’s most passionate changemakers across business, civil and public sectors.

Impatient Optimism in a World on Hold

By |2021-04-06T02:22:53+08:0027 11 月, 2020|

Reflecting on the last few months of industry events, partner conversations and Member meetings, here are my observations on some major barriers to social innovation in Hong Kong. Some of my views may be unpopular, but then again we’re not here to be mainstream. Alongside each is an example of what we’ve tried in overcoming that barrier, in case it’s useful to others.

5 Ways to Extend COVID-19 Business Changes for Social Impact

By |2021-04-06T02:24:13+08:0029 6 月, 2020|

As the world has learned to cope with the pandemic and started to look ahead to long-term recovery, we all keep hearing about the need to “build back better”, increase resilience and not go back to the way things were. Easy to say, but what exactly does that look like? How do we truly transition to rebuilding a “new economy” that is more inclusive and sustainable, using what we have learned in the past few months?

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