Colliding on a Journey Towards Net Positive

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Martina Mok, our former Head of Programmes and Partnerships, invites you to draw on what our team has learned – and to challenge these – through three-plus years of connecting and enabling Hong Kong’s most passionate changemakers across business, civil and public sectors.


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八月初,共享價值計劃香港 (SVIHK) 帶領二十名企業參與者進行了循環經濟實地考察。 目標很簡單,但雄心勃勃:激起引發我們當天所代表的合作夥伴公司變化所需的激烈反應。

JEB Group Joins as First SME Member

By |2022-06-07T02:44:57+08:0029 3 月, 2021|

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong welcomes its first SME member: JEB Group, headquartered in Hong Kong and a provider of innovative solutions for corporate and commercial environments. Discover with Sam Beere, JEB's General Manager, how the group started its journey to Creating Shared Value.

Getting Your Culture Right – By Design

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A great culture can create a better, more inclusive and thriving work environment that translates to better financial results, engaged, connected, inspired and higher-performing employees, deeply satisfied and loyal customers, greater top-­line growth, enhanced wellbeing and more creativity. And who doesn’t want to work in, or do business with, an organisation that’s known for its awesome culture?

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