About Martina Mok

As co-lead of Programmes & Partnerships, Martina manages member services and builds tri-sector partnerships to promote the adoption of Shared Value. She brings wide-ranging expertise in communications, campaign management, Shared Value, corporate social responsibility and social innovation. Martina’s experience includes award-winning PR campaigns in Asia Pacific and the U.S., as well as specialised knowledge in the areas of sustainable development and cross-sector collaborations. Prior to joining the Shared Value Project, Martina was an account supervisor at an international PR agency in New York, Hong Kong and St. Louis, managing communications for multinational companies, nonprofits and government clients. She also brings a background in ESG reporting, CSR strategy, responsible investing and sustainable finance. Martina is passionate about achieving sustainable development through a business-led, cross-sector approach. She is a global citizen who has lived in Bangkok, Hong Kong, the U.S. and London, and can most likely be found at the next social innovation conference or sustainability talk in town.

Impatient Optimism in a World on Hold

By |2021-04-06T02:22:52+08:0011月 27th, 2020|

Reflecting on the last few months of industry events, partner conversations and Member meetings, here are my observations on some major barriers to social innovation in Hong Kong. Some of my views may be unpopular, but then again we’re not here to be mainstream. Alongside each is an example of what we’ve tried in overcoming that barrier, in case it’s useful to others.

5 Ways to Extend COVID-19 Business Changes for Social Impact

By |2021-04-06T02:24:12+08:006月 29th, 2020|

As the world has learned to cope with the pandemic and started to look ahead to long-term recovery, we all keep hearing about the need to “build back better”, increase resilience and not go back to the way things were. Easy to say, but what exactly does that look like? How do we truly transition to rebuilding a “new economy” that is more inclusive and sustainable, using what we have learned in the past few months?

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