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CEO at AXA Asia & Africa for both life and general insurance covering key countries including Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Member of the AXA Group Management Committee. Prior to joining AXA, was the Regional Chief Executive responsible for AIA Group's operations in Hong Kong & Macau, Australia, The Philippines, Vietnam and New Zealand as well as Corporate Solutions, Healthcare, Partnership and AIA Vitality businesses. Have held various global and country leadership positions in New York, London, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong at AIG/AIA. Was the Regional President for AIG Life Companies in Japan & Korea and then Global Executive Vice Chairman for ALICO responsible for the Japan business and also overseeing the remaining 50 countries for strategy, distribution, corporate solutions, product and marketing. Passionate about art, photography, golf and making a difference.


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AXA 安盛亚洲及非洲首席执行官韦国敦解释他如何接触共创价值,一个今年将庆祝10周年的全球运动,并成为 Shared Value Project Hong Kong 的创始主席 (现已改名为共亨价值计划香港)。

Coronavirus should drive businesses to unleash the full value of women’s talent

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Covid-19's relentless exposure of inequality provides us with a unique and unprecedented opportunity. The pandemic is driving awareness around the broader issues faced by women in society. Companies need to understand women are a key nexus in how value is shared and created between a company and the local community. Basic steps they can take is by demonstrating Creating Shared Value (CSV) and highlight inclusivity in how we measure, support and produce social value to ensure gender parity in pay or increase the number of women in leadership.

Gordon Watson: Celebrating Two Years of Accelerated Progress

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Global challenges are more apparent than ever. In an increasingly volatile, complex and uncertain environment it requires resilience for businesses to survive, let alone thrive. From every crisis, opportunities arise to innovate and a shared value culture opens up strategic possibilities and will differentiate an organization whilst simultaneously driving the next wave of innovation, productivity and economic growth.

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