LOCATION: The Wave, Kwun Tong
TIME: 29 March 10 am- 6:30 pm

Floor plan

Tracks and sessions are between 8/f and 9/f throughout the day. The floor plans are to help you navigate your whereabouts, feel free to ask any of our volunteers or staff as well!
8 floor plan
9 floor plan

Morning Session

10:00 am OPENING {8/f Room 2}

Introduction by: Virginia Wilson, CEO, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Event host: Karen Koh, Owner, Intermedia


Challenge of Fragmentation

Our ice breaker is an active and energetic social experiment to open up conversations and shatter perceived differences within participants from all horizons. We’ll reveal shared identities, uncover commonalities, cluster SDG interests and celebrate diversity.

Host: Christie Lai, Co-Founder, 2041 Hong Kong

10:35 am DISRUPTOR DIALOGUE {8/f Room 4}

Challenge of Leadership

Bold ambition and visionary leadership are key to mobilising an organisation towards shared value. How is this leader transforming their business with purpose? What are the expectations of this young professional for a fulfilling professional life? This dialogue between two disrupters will uncover new perspectives on how to run a company in 2023.

Keynote speaker: Juliana Lam, Founder & Chairman, Julius Group Holdings Limited and Founder & President, INNOTIER

Dialogue hosted by: Justin Yeung, Co-Founder, 2041 Hong Kong

11:20 am IMPACT AUCTION {8/f Room 4}

Challenge of Scaling

Back by popular demand! Hong Kong’s social enterprise community is rapidly growing and maturing, while big business is just coming to the table as they see market opportunities. Everyone will hear several diverse “corporate-ready” impact venture founders tell you their stories in 5 minutes flat. “Bid” just one hour of your time with your name card if you want to learn more, partner, fund, mentor, refer, or share.

Shervin Sharghy, Impact Auction 2021 alumnus and today’s host, will share his challenges and successes as the founder of the award-winning startup Ecobricks.

Shervin Sharghy, Founder, EcoBricks


12:00 pm NETWORK LUNCH {8/f Room 2}
Lunch included with ticket. We will have social distancing guidelines in place.

Afternoon Session

1:30 pm PARALLEL TRACKS (A, B, C, or D)

Participants will split into four groups in the afternoon according to their choice of track.
See below for details of TRACKS A, B, C, and D for your selection.

TRACK A: Exec Labs (Challenge of Ideation) {9/f}

We’ve asked a few local executives for their real business pain points, related to Sustainable Development Goals. Can you help them crack the problem? In diversely mixed participant teams, you will get to ask them questions, quickly ideate CSV solutions, then pitch for feedback to see what might be feasible next steps.

Local executives:

  • Mohit Grover, Partner, Strategic Risk, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Hong Kong
  • Claude Reumert, Head of Liquidity Management Products, Hong Kong Treasury and Trade Solutions, Cit
  • Daniel Vaughan, Chairman | Co-Founder, bbase Design Group



TRACK B: Immersive Tour (Challenge of Partnerships) {briefing on 8/f Room 1}

Join us on a neighbourhood walking tour and site visits to social innovation projects, in partnership with impact tour guides telling the story of Kwun Tong’s morphing social fabric, recent changes and socioeconomic challenges. Discover how selected NGOs, social enterprises, and companies are working together to amplify impact.

The walking tour will lead you from Yue Man Square to Tsui Ping River, including Back Alley and Vessel 01. You will talk with hawkers and social innovators, hunt for community artworks and uncover hidden aspects of this renewed urban area.

Host: Luke Tam, Co-founder & Community Engagement Director, Kaifong Tour


TRACK C: Hack Your Habits (Challenge of Disruption) {8/f Room 2}

Did you know that our habits help us do tasks automatically allowing us to use our time and energy efficiently? By regularly repeating behaviour that requires little or no thought we can operate on autopilot. Habits can become deeply ingrained, sometimes creating more problems than it solves. Small changes in habits, when done at scale, can have transformational change. Have you wanted to adopt “green” habits and be a changemaker? Join this interactive workshop and let’s hack those habits!

Host: Margaret Burnett, Programme Director, Sustainability Leadership Governance Programme, CCSG at HKU


Benjamin Chu, Corporate Citizenship Lead, Accenture Hong Kong
Luca Fong, Managing Director, Accenture Hong Kong
Ruby Tang, Business Designer, Accenture Hong Kong


TRACK D: Mental Well-being Experience {8/f Room 4}

Mental health is a core element of everyone’s holistic health. There is a wide range of available solutions, including meditation, eco- or talking therapies as well as apps, yet usage remains low to date.

In this interactive session powered by our Mind Health partner AXA, hosts will facilitate an open discussion on exploring resources to improve mental well-being. They will focus on solutions to meet the needs of populations – Gen Z and Silver segment – who often experience a high incidence of poor mental health.

Join this workshop to share experiences, develop new ideas, and foster mental well-being.



4:00 pm BREAK {8/f}
Break with refreshments
4:20 pm CSV Showcase {8/f Room 4}

Challenge of Operation

So you aspire to create shared value, but how do you bring an idea to life? How do you rally an organisation with you? Come learn the inside scoop on two impactful business projects recently launched in Hong Kong.

Our case presenters will take us through HOW to explore an opportunity around user needs, sell the business case, design a pilot, build partner networks and track impact.


Emily Li, Assistant Manager – Business Innovation and Shared Value, Nan Fung Group
Veronica Sze, Director, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Hong Kong

4:50 pm CLOSING {8/f Room 4}
Everyone will have a chance to hear and share their experiences with different tracks, participants share takeaways and key learnings for your CSV journey.

Closing by: Virginia Wilson, CEO, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

5:10 pm NETWORKING {8/f}
Networking with refreshments.

A chance to carry on the conversation of potential collaborations with fellow changemakers.

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